Gain confidence with real-world projects

We give you a codebase with bugs. You fix it and we check your work.

Pick up practical job skills.

Real devs read legacy code, fix issues, and add new features. Our challenges are made with this in mind.

Build Real Projects.
Add features to e-commerce stores, work with large codebases, and pull data from APIs and Databases.
Practice Git Skills.
Our projects run on GitHub, just like a real job. Write commits, open pull requests, and push code.
Work with Legacy Code.
Our projects give you practice with legacy code. Because in the real world, you're rarely building things from scratch.

What People Are Saying

See what our students are saying about their experience with Codebase Mentor and how it has prepared them for success.


This is how my first job trained me. My coworkers broke all sorts of things in my first few months in order to have me debug things completely out of my comfort zone.

- PlasticSmoothie


This is a great resource. For anyone reading this, this is EXACTLY the type of work I had to do right after being hired after college. Definitely recommend using this!

- iHateMips


Way cool! As a professional developer this is awesome for those looking to get more hands on. Nice work!

- McLickin


It's very helpful to see real world examples like this. In general, I find that college and university courses do not prepare tech students for the real world. Very great to see someone doing something to address that gap.

- Ivcsi


Man, this is great! I love how this can be an opening for fixing issues in other open source projects as well!

- lknknm


I always wanted something to test me as if it was a real word job and I think this hits right in the target. Thank you!!

- Ludbr


I don’t see why this can’t be the interview process going forward. Honestly this makes way more sense.

- Butterflychunks


You really motivated me to start learning Web development!

- atassi122


Thank you once more for taking your time and making this for us that are getting into programming.

- uncomfotableng


Your amazing. Thank you for taking the time to do this.

- Abject-Piano6373


this is a million dollar idea, there’s such a big gap between what you learn and what you need to know on the job; I love it!

- jenso2k


This is so cool! Finally someone who gets it and not some “content creator” regurgitating the same bs the other 300 of them say.

- shadow19558


Brilliant, great work. What a good way to encourage those who have the skills but may lack the confidence to go for the job.

- seansy5000


All I can say is I love this. Thank you so so so much for the time and effort.

- TheEternalVoid

How It Works

1. Choose your Stack
Choose between frontend, backend, and full-stack challenges. Work on e-commerce stores, dashboards, and APIs with React, JavaScript, Python, and more.
An image of the various programming languages (JavaScript, TypeScript, Python, HTML) and frameworks (Django, React, TailwindCSS, ExpressJS) you can try on Codebase Mentor.
2. Push your Fixes
Open your code editor and start adding features and fixing bugs. Each project has // TODO comments to help you get started right away.
3. Check Your Work, Automatically
Our automated tests check your work. All you have to do is git push your changes to GitHub, and see our tests run in real time.
4. Need Help? Ping Us.
Join our Discord community and ask questions. We've got 500+ students and counting.
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  • Sebastian Messier

    Senior Full-Stack Developer

    When I started coding, I was scrambling to learn frontend, backend, and everything in between. It wasn't easy.

    Codebase Mentor eases that burden. Here you will learn practical software development skills used on the job. My goal is to help you grow into a senior web developer! 🚀

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